Transporting your powerchair for servicing

It is a condition of both Dragon2Last and Dragon4Life that you care for your powerchair and get it serviced.

Transporting your Dragon or SnapDragon for servicing usually remains your responsibility, but if you would like to add a courier service to LoveMyDragon (for instance if there is someone who would like to pre-pay it for you in advance) then please ask for a personal quotation. If you prefer not to add it on as a pre-payment for the whole five years you can still pay as you go.

Remember that the pre-payment price will only apply to transport to and from the postcode you give us, so it may not be valid if you move. Couriers can be expensive compared to making other arrangements (such as combining servicing of your powerbase with your seat-fitting at our specialist unit in Cambridge), so please discuss transport carefully with your Dragonmobility Product Specialist before you decide how to arrange it.

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