For children who are getting bigger!

The choice between a SnapDragon and a Dragon is one which you will make carefully with your Dragonmobility Product Specialist and it may be that either would be appropriate for you in some ways. The eventual decision will be based on age, size and the body image that you want to present.

It may be that you are at a stage in your life when a Dragon is really too big for you, but you can see that before it has worn out the SnapDragon will be getting too small, by then you will have grown both physically and socially. This might be because at the moment you are at infant or junior school and need to fit in small classrooms, but within five years you will be at a bigger school and need to compete on a large site with older children and teenagers.

Because the two powerbases have so much in common it is relatively straightforward to convert a SnapDragon into a Dragon, particularly at its regular service when it is going to be taken apart and sorted out anyway! We can't make machinery that grows like you do, but by adding Dragon2Grow to LoveMyDragon, your SnapDragon will turn into a Dragon at the same time that you naturally turn from a SnapDragon child to a Dragon rider.

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