Maintaining your powerchair

It is a condition of both Dragon2Last and Dragon4Life that you care for your powerchair and get it serviced. You will also need to get new batteries when they stop holding enough charge, which can be every one or two years. The alternative to LoveMyDragon is to choose to pay for servicing and batteries as you go. Please ask if you would like a break down of potential costs.

If you would like to limit the cost of servicing your Dragon or SnapDragon and replacing its batteries, you can add LoveMyDragon when you buy your powerchair, which includes:

  • All necessary servicing for five years, regardless of how much work is needed.
  • Three sets of replacement batteries when you need them.

LoveMyDragon saves you money compared to average servicing costs, and it removes the worry of finding the money when servicing falls due or batteries need replacing. It is also based on current prices, so any price rises in the future won't affect you.

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